NUDDA M.A.X.TRAINING is a cutting edge Martial Arts Cross Training system which blends together the very best of ancient and modern training methods.  The most distinct feature about NUDDA is it’s extremely effective defensive structure called the X guard which is an assembly of six different guard positions that interlock together dynamically creating a solid armour from where striking and defensive actions alternate in a constant flow.

NUDDA was officially released  by Antonio Faedda in 2009, although the idea behind NUDDA was developed  from many years prior to its release. The founder presents to you this aggressive yet beautiful combat system (NUDDA) and established the X guard as the result of many years of research into the South East Asian Martial Arts (Filipino, Thai and Indonesian) supported by a solid Martial Arts Cross Training regime in Boxing, Muay Thai and Grappling.

Even though the X Guard is indeed its most unique feature It would be limiting to restrict what NUDDA has to offer to just its guard, in fact, what makes NUDDA really stand out as a valid Martial Art system is that every movement and technique has a reason to be the way it is, therefore it is not to be seen as a mere “collection” of techniques.  NUDDA is intended to be a formula, a formula that if followed will turn you into a fighter effective in all ranges of combat. Nothing in NUDDA is left to interpretation. Everything we do has a reason to be the way it is.

“We treat combat like science and in NUDDA we have a scientific approach to training. Science evolves from relative truths and statements that can be testified and proven false, which means: science has to develop, in order to replace (partly) untrue theories, and replace them with better ones.  Science does not claim it has absolute knowledge on anything (nor do we in NUDDA).

All scientific theories are in principle disprovable, and in the end all theories will be disproven as evolution take’s its course. It can always be shown there is a limiting case in which the theory does not work, and that allows progress and evolution to happen. It is also important to state that NUDDA does not restrict itself either to a “Reality based Martial Art” nor to a contact Sport orientated one. Whether you are looking to learn an effective form of self-defence or you want to enhance your MMA game plan, NUDDA will serve you good. NO If’s NO but’s.”

Antonio Faedda – Founder of NUDDA®