Affiliation to NUDDA

NUDDA welcomes martial artists, serious about their training who wishes to join our stable of international affiliated instructors.  The NUDDA system requires a building block, strategic approach that will help you to nurture and develop skills necessary to make you a proficient fighter.  As the programme unfolds you will progress from the fundamentals to the NUDDA specialisms and into new territory. Once the basic elements have been mastered you will learn NUDDA and its effective defensive structure known as ‘X-Guard’.  This assembles six different guard positions that interlock together dynamically and allow striking and defensive actions to alternate in a constant flow.  NUDDA challenges your skills at each level and by unlocking the course as you master each, ensures success with solid foundations and expertise.

1.  Complete the online NUDDA Academy Foundation Course


  • The Foundation Course provide you with all of the details and skills required to forge you from iron to steel. In particular, you will;
  • Understand NUDDA at a deeper level
  • Enhance your skills to meet the required standards
  • Provide you with teaching skills to ensure that you stand out as a great coach 

  • The Foundation Course is undertaken in order:

  1. Boxing phase
  2. Blocks and Counters
  3. Insertions

Chapters are designed to ensure that you retain learned information.  With a 100% pass rate in each chapter’s quiz, you may unlock the next lesson.  Once complete, you may book to attend either an Intensive Training Course or Graduation Weekend.

2.  Participate in the Graduation weekends or intensive training

  • At this stage, your skills and learning will be tested to ensure you meet the standards required to participate in the NUDDA Instructor Programme. You may participate in either:

  • Intensive training that comprises five, four-hour days with NUDDA Founder, Antonio Faedda.

  • Assuming successful completion of either course, you will be graded, awarded as part of the NUDDA family, and invited to enrol in the NUDDA Instructor Development Programme.

3. NUDDA Instructor Development Programme.

During the graduation process, you will be assessed and provided with an instructorship rank, suitable for your skills.  You will be encouraged to follow a syllabus or ‘class curriculum’ to assist you in progressing your ranking. It is at this point that you will learn NUDDA’s more exclusive empty hands and weaponry skills.

Instructor levels:


  • Trainee
  • Apprentice
  • Senior
  • Full Instructor

  • The three different ranks are also divided into three sub ranking levels – Levels 1, 2 and 3.

The number ‘3’ symbolises the mental, physical and martial development required by a NUDDA instructor to practice combat through empty hands and weaponry skills.

‘3’ also represents the time required to develop skills and maturity required to become a teacher and guide for your students. Summed up as past, present and future and considers your present directional path in relation to previous events and future goals. The number ‘3’ also symbolises reward, success and accomplishment.

Instructors by level


  • Trainee Instructors are permitted to start small group of training for beginners. This provides the opportunity to practice and focus on improving your Martial Arts and teaching skills with friends or senior students at your school.

  • Apprentice Instructors may teach open classes and private lessons in NUDDA. You will be promoted on the official list of NUDDA Schools and you may promote your NUDDA business on social media, local press and/or on your personal website.

  • Senior Instructors are able to teach both open and private classes along with NUDDA seminars and workshops at your school.  Your students will be graded and personally awarded by Antonio Faedda.

  • Full Instructors. As a Full Instructor you will be allowed to teach NUDDA classes and open seminars, as well as seminars at other schools/academies. A yearly grading ceremony will be held at your school for your students where they will be personally graded by Antonio Faedda.

  • NUDDA Representative Instructors. If you are an Apprentice Instructor or above and you would like to maintain a competitive edge over the local competition you can become a representative Instructor which will give you the exclusive rights to teach NUDDA in your area. In order to gain your Representative status you will have to organize two annual seminars at your school and attend the Annual Instructor Convention.

Affiliated annual events


  • The Annual NUDDA Instructor Convention is a chance to meet and train together in order to strengthen the bonds of the growing NUDDA family.
  • Instructor organises, two-day seminar at his/her school. At this event Antonio Faedda will monitor the progress of your teaching and of your students in the art of NUDDA.


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