The NUDDA environment is suitable for those individuals that are driven by excellence, and the NUDDA Instructor’s Development program is an excellent path and method that has been proven to work in fulfilling the ultimate promise of achieving martial excellence. You will learn to teach, and not only that, you will teach to learn, and in the process you will learn to fight “the NUDDA way”.
Nothing in NUDDA is left to interpretation. Everything we do has a reason behind it. Combat IS science and in NUDDA we have a scientific approach to training. Science evolves from relative truths and statements that can be tested and proven false: science has to develop, in order to replace (partly) untrue theories, and replace them with better ones, as facts can only be called as such if they can be scientifically be proven to work time and time again.

Just as in science, NUDDA does not claim absolute knowledge on combat. All scientific theories are in principle disprovable, and in the end all theories will can be disproved as time and experiments go on. It can always be shown there is a limiting case in which the theory does not work, and that allows progress and evolution to happen. However, we expect you will bring yourself up to the state of the art before you concern yourself with ‘evolving’ things. In other words, we want people who are diligent learners, prepared to step up, put their egos aside, and go through the tested process of forging themselves from Iron to Steel.

While NUDDA is an innovative ART, it also exists at the intersection of the ANCIENT and MODERN. So let’s be clear about something right from the start, our ranking is ‘old school’. Progression in rank only ever goes hand in hand with the development of combat relevant physical Skills.
In NUDDA, instructors in training are considered like the Apprentice in the old days. As much as individuality is encouraged, you will be expected to adhere to our values, persevere in your training, and focus on developing yourself as a martial artist first and foremost. We expect excellence. And we believe that excellence according to our high standards can only be achieved by following necessary steps.

Our process of Instructor development begins with the development of the Essential Skills in the Superior Arts of Boxing and Muay Thai, this will complete the Striking Cross Training module of our Curriculum. Once this is achieved (and we believe you would be a good representative of NUDDA), you will begin to learn the X Guard, which is the defensive and offensive structure of NUDDA. The X Guard sits right at the top of NUDDA method. Like an iceberg floating at sea, which only is buoyant because of what is beneath the sea, it is only the skills you have developed that will allow the X Guard to be combatively effective.

Our main interest is creating excellent martial artists who are able in turn to pass that excellence on to their students. As such, we believe in maintaining the highest Instructor standards possible.


Antonio Faedda
Founder of






  • You must be a School owner or at least actively teaching.
  • If you wish to be part of our team of Instructors you will be required to have a solid background in Martial Arts.
  • All instructors are expected to work hard to achieve excellence in expressing the Arts.


Complete the Intensive training program


Every day you will be training four hours and cover the NUDDA Essential Skills Program which will then allow you to start teaching the First Phase of NUDDA M.A.X.TRAINING at your School.

Train with NUDDA Founder Antonio Faedda for five Days, for a total of twenty hours of One-on-One private tuition. With the Intensive Training Program you will learn how to adapt and maximize your Boxing Game and to become adaptable to a broader Striking Game which includes Limbs Destruction and Unorthodox Attacks. The Intensive Training program is ideal to those who want to get straight into the deep end of NUDDA.

You will Learn:

  • Essential Body Mechanics
  • The Geometry of Footwork
  • The Blocks and Counters
  • The NUDDA Insertions Program (how to create the openings to maximize your attack)
  • Sparring Strategies


You can attend the NUDDA Instructor Development Program at the NUDDA head quarter.

For more information on how to Book yourself in please contact us by introducing yourself, and if you can tell us in a few words why you would make a good NUDDA Instructor, we would like to hear from you.

Intensive training Week End


Intensive Training Weekends are an alternative option. This option is ideal if you would like to take more time in between the different stages of each Module to digest the material and if taking a full week off due to either family or work commitment is not an option, the Intensive Training Weekend might be the right choice for you.

To complete a Module it will take three Intensive Training Week ends.

Please contact us, we would like to hear from you.



These are some of the terms and conditions every person that is part of the NUDDA Instructors Development Program must adhere. Please noteyou will receive a more detailed set of terms and conditions when you will be officially accepted in the NUDDA Instructor’s development program.

1 – NUDDA must be taught as a separate class

2 – Every Year you will organize a Two Days Seminar with Antonio Faedda at Your School.

3 – Every Year you will attend the Annual Instructor Convention at the NUDDA Head Quarter or the designated NUDDA School.

Politics in NUDDA are kept to the very minimum, the main objective is to make a real difference and empower those in our communities by teaching valuable Martial Arts related values and Skills. A NUDDA Teacher should be driven by excellence and high standards in the practice of Martial Arts and his students should reflect his high standards. The yearly Seminars and the Annual Instructor’s Convention will be the chance to work together and asses Your Skills as well as the progression of your NUDDA students.

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