A Testimonial from one of our Online Students :

I have been in the martial arts for 34 years and have been an active instructor for 25 of them. I have always been a person who enjoyed striking from the safety of the clinch in order to control the opponent and to activate my take downs and throws for groundwork.

Master Faedda’s innovation takes the theory of limb destruction and distills it into a practicality that I can consistently and reliably use while entering and exiting various clinch positions. Master Faedda’s work in this area represents the most technical movement that you can achieve under the duress of a fully resisting opponent.

I have found it to be the most efficient and effective way to both, control range while striking and delivering crippling limbs destruction, and close range while striking to initiate a clinch for throwing.

After purchasing his first module, I found it to be worth every cent invested and am looking forward to the next one so that I can incorporate more of his work into my movement. NUDDA will change how the world thinks about handwork.

(Shannon Stallard
MMA Coach, Phantom Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Founder, Advanced Combative Tactics )



This program has been created with you in mind and will give you all the necessary tools to get your Journey in NUDDA started. The Essential Skills are a must do step by step guide that will allow you to build your SOLID foundations in the Arts


For the beginner

Striking and stand up fighting is a vast area, with so many different opinions and variations out there is sometimes easy to get confused. This program contains everything you need to know to get off to a great start in the Striking Arts and is being designed and codified by Antonio Faedda originally as his own training program. This is a proven formula that will make a huge difference in your training. In this course you will learn tangible SKILLS that will allow you to create a clear path in your Journey in the Arts without getting information drunk. Simply train hard, believe and focus on the process and you will ripe the reward. Skip this stage and you will fail!


For the Teachers

If you are an experienced practitioner and have already a Group or and established Martial Arts School, with this program you will find a great source of ideas and a codified structure that will help you to design superb classes. The content of this Online Course will set you apart from the average Martial Arts Teacher.


For the experienced Martial Artist into Personal Training

It is sometimes easy to run out of ideas when training a student. What’s the best way to get them started? How should I progress when their Skills start flowering? With this program you won’t have to worry about it any longer, and still be able to KEEP IT REAL!!!

In The Boxing phase you will learn The Guard, The Punches, The Footwork and The Evasions in a logical and precise progression. Follow the process and ripe the reward later.  Just remember that you are NOT learning just BOXING per – SE! This a a precise Pedagogy that will truly enhance your Striking Skills and will allow you learn the more advanced NUDDA Skills which you will be able to learn in the up and coming new Online Courses. So if you are thinking this is just another “Boxing Program”, think again because it isn’t.

In the Blocks and Counters Section of this program you will start re – enforcing the wall of your defense by learning to physically counter incoming blows. You will learn how to break the distance progressively by closing the gap between you and your opponent and move towards a close quarter fighting defensive structure. All this has to happen dynamically, you will therefore learn how to integrate all your Blocks & Counters within your Boxing Phase.

“The Insertions” are a truly innovative way of looking at breaking the ranges of Combat to create opening for the devastating Limbs Destruction typical of the South East Asian Martial Arts. This program has been codified by Antonio Faedda and it explores this area of breaking the ranges in a way that feels in depth yet progressively adaptive and simple to digest, despite the amount of intricate little details that will make a HUGE difference in your training.