This course allows you to achieve success in the NUDDA Affiliation process at a faster rate – perfect if you have a tight schedule.


Training directly with NUDDA Founder, Antonio Faedda , over five, four-day sessions, you will prove your knowledge of skills gained on the online Foundation Course .  Upon successful completion of the Course, you will be graded and awarded with one of a number of instructor levels and enroll in the NUDDA Instructor Development Programme.  

The NUDDA Intensive Training Course comprises


  • Boxing Phase (DAY 1-2)
  • Defense Mechanisms – Blocks & Counters (DAY 3)
  • The ‘Insertions’ (DAY 4)
  • NUDDA Instructor Standards Guidance (DAY 5)
  • The Boxing Phase provides the necessary fundamentals to proficiency in all ranges of combat.  You will gain a deep understanding of and practice the essential body mechanics that promote quality teaching and performance and that underpins the NUDDA ethos of Martial Arts and Combat sports.  In particular, balance, footwork, co-ordination, action and reaction skills.
  • Mastery of essential Defensive Mechanisms (blocks and counters) will allow you to progress to move unconventional boxing tactics and manoeuvring.
  • NUDDA’s innovative ‘Insertions programme will teach you to create great openings in the opponent defences, and disruption to the opponent balance. This is ‘dirty boxing’ at its best and is an essential part of the NUDDA programme.
  • Finally, NUDDA Instructor Standards Guidance will polish and refine your Instruction techniques, in particular covering essential aspects such how to run a great class, how to assess and monitor your students’ goals and class drills.


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