Welcome to our new NUDDA Blog. I am very excited to start this new venture as I always loved writing about Martial Arts and Training and those who have been following NUDDA over the last decade and more knows that I used to have a regular Blog in one of the oldest versions of my web site. The last few years have been more about Video Content and Vlogs for NUDDA and we will start again soon with more content on the video form, however I just missed writing and I was committed to start a brand new Blog, and it has finally happened. Our new Blog is called The NUDDA Chronicles and I will touch upon various subject in the various articles I am planning to write, however Limbs Destruction will probably be the main recurring topic as it is after all my main area of expertise. I would like to say welcome to everyone out there and thanks for tuning in our new stunning web site and I am very excited and I look forward to sharing my views with you all in my new Blog. Antonio Faedda – Founder of NUDDA M.A.X.TRAINING