“Becoming the opponent means you should put yourself in an opponent’s place and think from the opponent’s point of view”

– Miyamoto Musashi – 

The main components of Filipino Boxing are:

– Hubud Lubud – Sensitivity Drills
– The Catch series – Transitional Drills
– Limbs Destruction

Filipino Boxing shouldn’t be seen as a complete fighting Art but rather as a series of drills designed to develop a sense of flow and find ways to connect with limbs destruction during a simulated attack.

Filipino Boxing alone will not make you a more effective or lethal stand up fighter unless you bring with you a substantial Boxing and Muay Thai background in the mix.

Ultimately Filipino Boxing it’s a play, a pretty good one to know if you ask me, that in the best case scenario will enhance your creativity in Striking but it’s nothing more than that.

No Ifs No Buts.


“How can you repay someone who provides you with priceless knowledge and skills that makes you an efficient fighter?

My answer is to respect that person, train hard, stay loyal and remain humble in my approach when passing on that knowledge and staying true to its origins. Too many people want to “create” their own arts but it there is only a handful of people who can truly understand the science behind what works, My brother Mastru Antonio Faedda is that person. No Ifs No Buts.”

Harks Singh Flora – NUDDA® Leicester Head Coach

“Having attended some of Antonio’s seminars in Essex and Leicester, I am particularly impressed in his eye for detail. Like any great teacher, he is able to identify subtle ways in which to transform your technique and make it more effective. What I particularly enjoy about his teaching style is his ability to develop an overall strategy.. skills not techniques… which allows you to take the thinking our of what you are doing. This really does help you to explore techniques and express yourself, first in conditioned sparring and then more free flowing sessions.

I have been impressed with what I have learned in these sessions and have been able to use them to compliment my own training. I am looking forward to attending many more NUDDA® seminars in the near future.”

Adam Duncton – Artist of the Arts

“Master Faedda’s innovation takes the theory of limb destruction and distills it into a practicality that I can consistently and reliably use while entering and exiting various clinch positions. I have found it to be a very efficient and effective way to both, control range and close range while striking to initiate a clinch for throwing”. NUDDA® will change how the world thinks about handwork.”

Shannon Stallard – MMA Coach – Phantom Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

““There’s training on YouTube, then there’s training in the Dojo, then there’s training with Antonio Faedda which is like normal training but being tied to a freight train at the same time. I have done a few martial arts, but this is Nitro Glycerin style…..EXPLOSIVE! I would say that this is not for pussies, but I called my cat NUDDA.””

Steven S.NUDDA® Fanatic


Adam Duncton – Artist of the Arts


Shannon Stallard – MMA Coach – Phantom Brazilian Jiu Jitsu