“Antonio Faedda the founder of NUDDA®”

Antonio Faedda’s martial arts journey has consisted of decades of hard training and practice to breathe new life into the Southeast Asian Martial Arts he loves and make them relevant in today’s world.

His coaching methods explores the intersections between the ancient and modern ways of training with a constant eye towards real world functionality in any context, whether self defence or combat sport oriented. To date many have benefited from his coaching and innovations, from seasoned martial artists and fighters, to beginners on the martial arts path.

Antonio, affectionately called The ‘Maestro’ by those who have experienced his teaching excellence, currently teaches Instructor Development Programs, Workshops, Private Intensive Training Sessions in Leicester UK, and travels globally to coach those seeking to experience the truly unique training methodology that is NUDDA.

“Antonio Faedda is his own words”

I am a”student of the Arts”, nothing more nothing less it just happens that, people like what I do and the way I do it.

My training philosophy is quite stoic, and those who are involved in NUDDA® know that I can be very upfront in my views when it comes to Martial Arts and to what it means to become a “combatant”, if not a fighter entirely. If we can agree that the only way to develop into an accomplished Martial Artist is to train Hard and Hit even Harder, then you will find that I am quite an amicable and sociable person with a pretty good sense of humour.

I just like to take my Job VERY seriously.

“The Mastru” it’s a nickname I was given by my friends. It means “The Teacher” in the native language of my homeland Sardinia.

“A Martial Artist in his journey should be looking to find a stylistic balance and if he does, he reaches maturity and then goes back to express himself spontaneously, just as a child would. This “regression” should be seen as a new start.

Regression comes from discipline, so does “Progression”, they are like the two sides of the same coin”


“How can you repay someone who provides you with priceless knowledge and skills that makes you an efficient fighter?

My answer is to respect that person, train hard, stay loyal and remain humble in my approach when passing on that knowledge and staying true to its origins. Too many people want to “create” their own arts but it there is only a handful of people who can truly understand the science behind what works, My brother Mastru Antonio Faedda is that person. No Ifs No Buts.”

Harks Singh Flora – NUDDA® Leicester Head Coach

“Having attended some of Antonio’s seminars in Essex and Leicester, I am particularly impressed in his eye for detail. Like any great teacher, he is able to identify subtle ways in which to transform your technique and make it more effective. What I particularly enjoy about his teaching style is his ability to develop an overall strategy.. skills not techniques… which allows you to take the thinking our of what you are doing. This really does help you to explore techniques and express yourself, first in conditioned sparring and then more free flowing sessions.

I have been impressed with what I have learned in these sessions and have been able to use them to compliment my own training. I am looking forward to attending many more NUDDA® seminars in the near future.”

Adam Duncton – Artist of the Arts

“Master Faedda’s innovation takes the theory of limb destruction and distills it into a practicality that I can consistently and reliably use while entering and exiting various clinch positions. I have found it to be a very efficient and effective way to both, control range and close range while striking to initiate a clinch for throwing”. NUDDA® will change how the world thinks about handwork.”

Shannon Stallard – MMA Coach – Phantom Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

““There’s training on YouTube, then there’s training in the Dojo, then there’s training with Antonio Faedda which is like normal training but being tied to a freight train at the same time. I have done a few martial arts, but this is Nitro Glycerin style…..EXPLOSIVE! I would say that this is not for pussies, but I called my cat NUDDA.””

Steven S.NUDDA® Fanatic


Adam Duncton – Artist of the Arts


Shannon Stallard – MMA Coach – Phantom Brazilian Jiu Jitsu